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John D. McIntyre is an experienced, organized and proven

leader.  He knows McLean County well and has worked with

many people both in Bloomington-Normal and in all of the

rural communities and areas. He works to understand

their many needs.  Chairman McIntyre has previously

served in different capacities on almost all of the McLean

County Board Committees. He understands the legislative

and democratic processes of the board and knows that it takes a combined effort of all of our Board members in order to ‘get things done’.  Also, he previously has served on the McLean County Board of Health, the Westminster Board of Directors and the Mid-Illini Credit Union Board. He knows how to effect change when necessary and get the job done.


John is currently the Chairman of the McLean County Board and also serves on Boards for the McLean County Museum of History, Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council, LWIA #15 8-County Career Link and Jobs Training Consortium Council and spent many years on the ‘Friends of the Constitution Trail’ Board. 


Coach Mac and his wife, Lorry are graduates of ISU.  He is a former teacher at El Paso H.S., Central Catholic H.S.,  Normal Community H.S. and principal at Epiphany School and Octavia H.S.  Lorry taught 5th grade at St. Mary’s School, 5th grade at Brigham School and was a reading specialist at Fox Creek Elementary.  Lorry and John haved three grown children and seven grandchildren.  John was a successful football coach for 41 seasons at El Paso High School, Central Catholic, Normal Community, Monmouth College, Eureka College, Illinois State University and the Bloomington Extreme.  John and Lorry have lived in Normal in District 5  for 45 years.  Their children attended school in this district.  They know and like the people in this district. They plan to stay in this district.


John D. McIntyre works toward building cooperation between our county and municipal governments and members of the Board representing both political parties. He believes in cutting unnecessary spending when possible and holding the line on taxes.  He believes in this community, family values and safe neighborhoods, and appreciates the efforts of many others.